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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Hey, everybody, happy Mother's Day! Have you done anything for your mom yet? Post it in the comments!
I also want to tell about a few other blogs that you might want to look at.
Fierce Moon's blog: Fierce Moon was one of the Poptropica superstars, and she knows how to beat every island.
Red Wing's blog: Red Wing is a good friend of mine, and her blog involves a little bit of everything.
Icy Rock (AKA katniss)'s blog:  Katniss (as I normally know her) has a great blog for anything involving Poptropica's fashion, but that's not all. She also has costumes and other cool things. Go check it out! (This is why she's not posting on this blog.)
Finally, Tiny Stomper and Lazy Flyer's blog: One for news, glitches, and the occasional costume.
Thamks for reading!