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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fun stuff to do on the new island

That's right, guys! Poptropalis Games come out today! (For non-members) Here's some interesting facts about The Games.

You can choose from
~Flying Squid- Fast but dangerous
~Seraphim-Angelic and mischevious
~Black Flags-Dark and heavy
~Nightcrawlers-The underdogs, the night workers
~Nanobots-Clever robots
~Yellowjackets-Helpful, but painful to cross
~Pathfinders-Good sense of direction
~Wildfire-Hot temper

Me, personally am a Seraphim all the way through. But choosing a different team makes no impact on your score.
This island is alot like Reality TV show island, where contestents have to go though a series of events instead of a long storyline. I suggest that you do Reality TV island before trying this one.

~-~Lots of Love, Ana!


  1. Hey Ana! Nice post...Are you a new author here? Nice!!! GO WILDFIRE!!!

    Ill start playing the island today! I know it!

  2. speedy bean i wish i had a blog